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New Jewelry available in the shop!

After a bit of a lengthy hiatus, we have been working hard to get new items uploaded to the shop. Several new necklaces are available for sale in our shop, with a variety of styles and price points. Lots of neat things on the near horizon as well.

As we're heading into warmer weather, in these uncertain times, it's interesting that our creative endeavors seem to stall out, not due to lack of time, but due to stress over our circumstances. It's not the best mindset for getting those ideas rolling. But as time goes along, the worries are dissipating as we try to get used to the new normal.

We're both working on new ideas, and new projects are starting to come together.

If you're looking for something to give your porch or deck some added ambiance, I can highly recommend the candles in our shop. They're hand poured and smell fantastic!

They come in two packs, in a variety of scents and would definitely add some peace and calm to your evenings or afternoons.

We'll be adding more content here on our blog, going forward. Hoping to share some video of projects in progress and maybe some other essays on process and business.

Thanks for taking time to read and for stopping by!

Heidi & Brian

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