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Welcome to the New Einini.Com!

We started our studio with a focus on Stained Glass and mosaics back in 2010 and got our nose to the grindstone, creating and selling our creations as we improved our skills and expanded our toolboxes.

Wind forward to 2019, and having gone through a variety of job shifts, life changes and health challenges, we have found ourselves delving into other related areas of art and creativity. So accordingly, Einini Glassworks, as we called ourselves, needed to embrace the diversity of our work.

So welcome to our next phase: Einini Craftworks.

Brian and I have been busy pouring ourselves into new projects, such as hand-poured candles, jewelry, stitch-work and still working on the stained glass pieces and mosaic art that we are know for.

Since our output has grown, our website needed to follow suit. It's still a work in progress but we're hoping it better showcases our new works, and will better serve our needs as an in-house shop as well! We had been using Etsy, but that shop will soon be moved here on site completely. (Stay tuned for that announcement!)

So here's to new adventures and new creations for your hearth and home.

Thanks to all for your patience and ongoing support! It means the world to us.

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