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  • Do you accept custom orders or commissions?
    At this time we do not accept custom orders or commissions. Do check back as we may change this policy in the future.
  • Is your jewelry safe to wear?
    Yes! All our jewelry is made of safe metals (no lead or any yucky stuff!), inert stones and tiles, and hardened resins that are safe to touch.
  • What type of glass is used in your stained glass?
    Our stained glass is cut primarily from Uroboros, Bullseye, Youghiogheny, and Oceana glasses. Uroboros is becoming increasingly difficult to find due to the sale of their business in 2017. The buyer, Oceanside Glass and Tile, is having difficulty in bringing Uroboros glasses back to market. Bullseye discontinued their mottled glass line for a time but reintroduced it recently.
  • What type of materials are used in your mosaics?
    Our mosaics are crafted from a variety of materials: Venetian glass tiles, marble, various natural stones, glazed terra cotta tiles, beads, and glass stringers to name just a few. The mosaics are set into epoxy, thinset mortar, or other bonding and adhesive agents. Grouted pieces are usually sealed to help protect grout lines from discoloration. We also use wood, wedi board, and other non-porous substrates for mosaic works.
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